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PRO-Planet tools to support your net zero targets.

You spoke, we listened. Making greener choices, and reporting & calculating carbon emissions was incredibly difficult and time consuming.

We worked with experts for two years to develop a unique and powerful tool for our marketplace customers to have visibility of scope 3 emissions for the first time.

More than "just a marketplace".

HSS ProService Marketplace is an ever-evolving platform of innovation. Featuring 50,000 products from over 550 suppliers, we’re proud to offer you the best, cutting edge equipment to support your projects.

Although ‘marketplace’ is in the name, there’s more to its nature.

With everything tracked, monitored, and managed in the same place, the HSS ProService Marketplace gives you a single source of sustainable truth. Depending on what you use, how it’s been delivered, and how long you use it for, the platform calculates your scope 3 use emissions on hire and transport for you.

PROblems solved.

Greener choices.

We want to give you the tools to easily make better choices for our planet.

Greener alternatives are presented at the point of order. When you search for a product, you'll see the amount of CO2 equivalent per hour it emits, and lower-emission options wherever they're available.

We'd love to show you around our platform and how greener alternatives can benefit you and your business, so why not book a free demo with a member of our team now.

Simplified scope 3 reporting.

For over two years, we worked with experts to ensure that the sustainability calculations and data within the HSS ProService Marketplace gives you a real time view of your emissions.

By working hand-in-hand with our suppliers, we make sure that emitting products in the marketplace have up-to-date CO2 emissions readings.

Then, our system automatically calculates a CO2 equivalent per hour reading based on your expected usage and transportation.

Easy ESG insights.

Your equipment choices and transport emissions are tracked, to inform your business’ own Sustainability Insights dashboard. View live data, understand your relevant Scope 3 emissions and see carbon saved through Greener Alternatives.

Explore CO2 produced by hire & transport, category, product and user, so you can more easily measure your carbon footprint and understand top emitting products so we can support you in finding other options to reduce your carbon, as well as visibility over your top performing colleagues or projects for taking up Greener Alternatives.

Want to see our sustainability tools in action?

Book a free demo with a member of our team. We’d love to show you around.

PROgress 65 years in the making.

HSS Hire has been a trusted name in the tool and equipment hire since 1957. In that time, we’ve found new ways to drive the industry forward, leading the sector in network optimisation, operational efficiency, and customer focus.

As we power toward the future, we knew that sustainability didn’t just have to be at the heart of this platform, but at the heart of our business. So, we’re committed to reaching net zero by 2040, using 100% decarbonisation strategies to create a greener tomorrow for our community.

The PROof is in the pudding.

"HSS ProService Marketplace has really helped us translate our commitment to sustainability in an operational way."

Joe Watson, Group Purchasing Director, McLaughlin & Harvey

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