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The hire industry is notoriously fragmented. But it doesn’t have to be.

Streamlining operations is essential to get a clear view on commercials, social value and sustainability initiatives, and understand organisational progress towards KPIs.

HSS ProService aggregates an
entire marketplace to simplify and centralise control over spend and your emissions.

Features for enterprise businesses

We know you may have current or custom systems that underpin the operational nature of what you do. There are always opportunities for HSS ProService Marketplace to work alongside, or even directly integrate with these systems. If you’d like to discuss this, or any other aspect of how we can help, just get in touch.

Trusted by some of the UK’s biggest organisations

PROblem solved

Supply chain silos.

Uncertainty around supplier offerings and inventories can result in excessive research time for admin teams as they work out where to source, whether product is available, and how much it’s going to cost. And once a product’s hired, managing off hire between site and office brings its own set of challenges in terms of visibility, accuracy and, ultimately, invoicing.


Manage bookings and invoices in real time through a Commercial Insights dashboard that offers visibility into spend at any time in the month. Examine spend by product, site, user and more, so there are no surprises when the invoice arrives. ProService will always be the cheapest way to transact with us.


Our network of suppliers are verified against rigorous health and safety, sustainability and business continuity standards, so you have peace of mind. The complete, searchable history of your orders also simplifies auditing and documentation.

Lack of capacity.

There’s so much wasted resource in the process of purchase and hire. Endless emails, phone calls and unstandardised paperwork create a lack of visibility, opportunities for miscommunication and confusion around roles and responsibilities. By streamlining the entire end-to-end process into one platform with custom workflows, you can take the busy work out of the process and create capacity for value-add activities.

Lack of control.

Bring consistency and control to hire and purchase across all your sites, users and categories, with real time and reported commercial insight. Standardise processes, set up workflows with admins and approvals, and order and off hire at the click of a button.

Procurement and P&L alignment.

Disparate procurement processes, lacking centralised control over spend or an overburdened, transactional central team with no time to focus on the value add? HSS ProService Marketplace takes costs out of multiple P&L pockets, streamlining operations and giving you real time insight into pricing, hire duration, POs, invoices and approval. A complete, searchable history of invoices is available whenever you are, and orders and account spend are constantly tracked, ready to be reviewed at any time.

Tracking ESG targets.

Direct carbon targets are often met, as they’re directly controlled within your own environment. But, when you start looking at how you manage and report on your supply chain, you’re only as good as your suppliers. In the platform, you’ll be offered greener alternatives at the point of order, and have a Sustainability Insights dashboard to tell you how much carbon emitting and saving through your greener choices. All meaning easier Scope 3 reporting.


There’s a lot of love for HSS
ProService Marketplace

“HSS are years ahead with the ProService platform. It is difficult to do (replicate) or set up.”

Desmond Taylor, Sales Director

“System is GREAT, streets ahead of any other suppliers and easy to use. Ideally want to use one supplier and this platform allows that!"

Sam Webster, RV2 Power

It has streamlined our processes, giving us great control of orders and collection through a very clear 'on hire report'."

Eunan Rafferty, Procurement Director, Creagh Concrete

HSS ProService Marketplace has really helped us translate our commitment to sustainability in an operational way"

Joe Watson, Group Purchasing Director, McLaughlin & Harvey

The time saving from order to invoice has allowed us to better use our resources and make constructive gains in other areas"

Gordon Morrow, Head Of Strategic Supply Agreements and Procurement (BS/IFO), GRAHAM

"A seamless hiring system at the tip of your fingertips, which allows you to stay in control of your requirements as well as an extremely responsive live chat functionality offering support"

Chris Middleton, Sales Director, Ultimate Access Hire Limited

"It's really helped in centralising and tracking purchase and hire, we're already seeing efficiencies"

Liam Burns, Senior Construction Manager, Severfield

"ProService unlocks the power of seamless hires. A user-friendly system to transform the way you access everything from plant machinery to fencing & everything in-between."

Kaya Smith, CRS Senior Rental Controller

A platform 65 years in the making.

HSS Hire has been a trusted name in tool and equipment hire since 1957. In that time, we’ve continued to find ways to drive the industry forward. HSS ProService Marketplace is the next evolution in our journey.

Built on the heritage, expertise and verified seller network of HSS Hire. Built by ecommerce experts and leading developers.

Easy insight into spend and sustainability. Measure progress and make better decisions.

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